Bones and Skeleton


One of the mysteries of life determined that the bones should be hollow and advanced studies showed that if it were different, the heart would have to make more effort and work much more. Besides, the body weight would increase 20% and the limbs would twist easily. It is the inner hollow that makes the body more harmonious in relation to compression, flexion, and tension required in this system. The hollow bones during skeleton formation enabled man and vertebrates to have a longer life, more agility, balance and lightness even to fly, as well as a mechanic resistance far above one could imagine to a solid bone.

The description above, even very superficial in relation to the sophisticated skeleton structure mechanism, enabled us to think about using a bone structure in a bicycle frame. Something that had a similarity with the bone structure and could offer the same lightness and agility, as well as safety to the whole body of the project. Following this idea, we created the inner parts of the frame, with volume variation in several places, which brought more balance and harmony to the frame structural behavior.

As the wings of a plane, in which the wind offers a flexion, dampening the impact on the main structure, the bicycle frames have the same principle. The structure bends until a certain point when in movement, softening the frame and dampening the impacts on the cyclist. To make it happen, it is necessary a plastic injection molding with nitrogen gas up to 30% of the product volume. So that, the construction of a frame according to the skeleton concept is really possible, structuring a very resistant frame. The skeleton frame weighs 30% less than the solid one, and increases considerably its resistance.

Juan Muzzi

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"Nature Overcomes, numanity don't"
“The great problems of humanity were never yet by general laws, but only through regenerations of attitudes of individuals.

If ever there was a time when self-reflection was absolutely necessary and only right thing, it is now, in our present catastrophic epoch.”
Carl Gustav Jung (1916) – ( 1875 – 1961)

The natural resilience happens every day, constant and silent, if we consider that it’s the only reference we have of continuous activity on the last 4,000 million years and we compared this “successful company” with the human enterprises in the last 200 years, we should discover how nature has a lot to teach us, providing models for a better and more sustainable society.

We think that in our current state the disposal of plastic material, also as the manufacturing of aluminum, are environmentally incorrect. This lead us to prepare a contemporary industrial process, which produces a bicycle frame with lifetime warranty.

It’s no longer necessary to extract minerals and produce aluminum. It’s based on the principle of photosynthesis,
in other words it seizes the biomass and also the plastic waste that is currently disposed by our society.
These wastes are injected into a mold, and then it becomes a bicycle frame, which reduces the greenhouse effect and produces energy savings of approximately 90% of the current statistics.

This CDM (Clean Development Manufacturing) provides us the characteristics to a new concept of mobility, bringing together art, philosophy, technology and subtleties such as, solidarity and the correct ecological action.

Juan Muzzi
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